I have made a decision that I am going to break up my day. I will start with by working on the online store, Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace. I have to finish adding images, ISBN numbers and more descriptions to th books that I have uploaded. Shouldn’t take long. After some other things it is going to be time for me to return to World of Warcraft.

I am excited to get my confirmation card for my registration to Dragonfest 2010. Nice that they also included a small check list for things I should pack.

My final quarter for my Year and a Day is coming up. Unfortunately I won’t make the first class because of a prior commitment.

I also really need to find a way somehow to set aside a place in this crowded house for me. I had a place at one time but it has since been taken. I just need a quiet place to reflect, meditate and honor the Goddess and God in my life. I too long without it and I am starting to feel disconnected even though I know I am never really disconnected from the divine. So the search begins.


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