I have fallen behind a bit on the topics for the Post-A-Day challenge so I am going to do some catching up by posting on topic #29.

Do I want to live forever.

When I was a child I desperately wanted to live forever. I think most kids did. It was one of those fantasy things.

Today my thoughts have changed quite a bit. I now believe that once I pass beyond the veil in death that I will eventually come back to live again through reincarnation. This, in a way, is living forever. One of the biggest draw back from actually living forever is that everyone you care about will pass beyond and leave you. Yea you will make new friends and lovers but they too will pass beyond and leave you to move in an endless cycle. Oh sure it would be interesting to experience the advances, turmoil, wars, times of peace, and other things, I don’t believe that would make the endless cycle of loss easier.

Today we are infatuated with the concept of eternal life in the form of vampires in such movies as the Twilight Saga and TV shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Yes they live ‘forever’ but they must also suffer with living forever.

For me I look forward to seeing The Summerland, to enjoy a rest before returning and living again.  That being said I expect to live well into my 90’s.  Gods willing.

Blessed Be.



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