My name is Michael.  I am pagan and I am a witch.

I live in Denver, Colorado, US.

I started to walk my path in 2008. At first I was solitary, reading books and reading what I could find on the internet. I was enrolled in an online teaching school and while it was fun and interesting I felt that I was missing out on something. A trip to an annual retreat here in Colorado showed me what I was missing. I needed to seek out a coven and a friend just happened to belong to one. I petitioned the High Priest and High Priestess and I soon began my Year and Day. I have since dedicated to the Coven of the Rising Phoenix.

I am pretty much out of the “broom closet”. Only a couple of my family members don’t know about my preferred spiritual path. I have a couple altars set up in my house, my working altar and the house altar.

I am writing in the blog things that matter to me and that I want to share with others.  I am also going to post items that as they relate to my spirituality as a pagan and a witch.

It is my hope that people who read this blog find it informative, entertaining and just good to read.  Comments are always welcome but if you intent is to be hateful your comments will be sent into the nether-realm.

Blessed Be!


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