Lunar Information for 01-19-2011

Blessed Day!


Today is January 19th, 2011.  A Wednesday.


Moonset is at 6:58am.  Moonrise is at 5:16pm  Full Moon is at 2:22pm


The moon will move from Cancer to V/C at 2:22pm and move into Leo at 3:14pm.




Dark of the Moon

Today, June 12th is the New Moon or Dark Moon. This is a time for beginning spells that you want to come to fruition on the next Full Moon which is going to be June 26th at 7:30am. This months Dark moon is going to at 7:15am, Moon will be Void of Course at 7:35pm till 9:50pm so avoid any working during that time.

While reading all the blogs I have chosen to follow I found a great poem on

Dark of the moon, new beginnings.
Dark of the moon, plant a seed tonight.
Dark of the moon, what we envision,
Will come to be, in the Full Moon’s light.

Truly a wonderful little chant.

May all your workings bear fruit.
Blessed Be