Samhain–A Pagan Blog Prompt

Samhain – (pronounced sow-win) is the Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter.  It is also known as the third harvest.

What does Samhain mean to you?

Well I can say that before I began to study and read on my current path I didn’t even know there was a thing as Samhain.  I always knew the day, October 31st as “Halloween”.  Even growing up in a Lutheran home we were allowed to celebrate it by dressing up and going trick-or-treating.


We were even able to celebrate it in school which no that I think about it was strange.  I still see the time of the year as Halloween from the perspective of the retail side and the kids coming by for Trick R Treating.  But now I also see it as the time to remember those who have passed beyond the thin veil.  To let go of things past and look toward the future.

How did/will you honor it?

Unfortunately this year I was not able to honor the Samhain part of the day.  Economic limits and time constraints didn’t lend to getting candy and decorating the house.  All of this also prevented me from attending any sort of organized gathering or ritual. 

Maybe next year.

Do you separate your Pagan rituals from your modern Halloween traditions?

Yes and No.  Yes the performing of the Samhain ritual is separated but I incorporate decorating the house into all of it.  It is so hard to tell what is for ritual and what is for decorating for the sake of Halloween.  I don’t bother to separate that part out.


Thank you Sunfire for this quick prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts.  It is nice to get to writing again.


The Broom Closet

Getting back to the Pagan Blog Prompts with this topic.


In or Out?

I would have to say that I am both.  My broom closet has a revolving door.  I stepped out of the broom closet as far as my friends are concerned about 3 years ago; about a year after I started to follow this path.  My family is the other side.  At least to everyone but my mom.  I don’t discuss much of my beliefs with them.

Do I have to hide my ‘pagan-nature’?

Not in public I do not.  I am very open about my beliefs and spirituality in public.  I wear a pentagram and the triple goddess symbol every day.  At work everyone knows my beliefs and they are very interested in things and how I celebrate different times of the year and some have even gone as far as saying things like “Have a great Summer Solstice or Autumn Equinox”.

Besides this I also co-own and operate an online pagan store as well as a brick and mortar store here in Denver.  So in those two areas I am quite out of the closet.

I hope to some day remove the revolving door and forever remain out of the broom closet until then, let it spin.

A Pagan New Year – Starting over

Samhain has passed and like all other years we have talked with our ancestors and released what we have gathered over the year into the flames of the Samhain fire.Now it is November and a new month and new turning of the Wheel.

Most of the world celebrates the new year on the calendar day of Janurary 1st.  But as pagans we see the new year as starting on November 1st.  I will admit that this concept took some time to grasp.  So now it celebrate two ‘new’ years.  One for my personal spirituality and one with the rest of the world.  Can’t miss out on all the parties and watching amateur hour.

New Year’s Resolutions.  Never been really big on them. Yea I used to make the occasional one about no junk food, quitting smoking (back when I smoked), all the usual stuff.  Did I ever stick to them…nope.  I think I actually quit smoking over about a week’s time in July many years ago.  So yea, don’t do resolutions.  I do however make plans for what I want to do in the upcoming time.  These plans can change of course based on any number of events that happen over the year but at least I have them down.

As far as my spirituality goes with the new year; I had a very interesting discussion with Hecate over Samhain.  With out going into too much detail, because it was between her and I, I need to focus on what I want and how I want it.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own path.  So that is what I am going to focus on this year.  Walk the path of my choosing, the way I want to walk it.  If I want to skip down it, fine.  If I want to stroll along and stop every so often to take in the scenery, that is fine too.  I will not be swayed by others who think I should ‘walk this way’ down MY path.  IF something blocks my path then I will remove it in my own way.  When a crossroads appears in MY path I will decide which path to take.

I will also be more cognizant of the gifts given me by the gods. Too often we trundle through our day and don’t realize all that we are given. No matter how small.

Just this morning as I was beginning this post I looked out the large window next to the desk and a murder of crows passed by on their way to whatever a murder of crows does and saw more then a murder of crows.  I saw the goddess and I felt blessed.

This upcoming year I will pay more attention to these things as I believe everyone should.  The old gods haven’t left, they just need to be remembered and honored and seen.

This new year we need to walk OUR paths, because it is OUR path.